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Groc is UAE's best grocery delivery app. Groc makes your life easier in just few clicks. Your orders will be received from your nearest best grocery shop to your hands.

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You can choose your grocery store from the list. All nearest stores will be listed first so that you can pick it quickly.

Groc - Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

  • How Grocery Delivery App Helps Small Stores to Stay In Online Business?

    • The grocery business is the one that has seen the transformation since the Coronavirus pandemic spread worldwide. People have started preferring buying groceries from online stores, websites, and mobile apps. The pandemic is a bad thing that happened in 2020, but it gave rise to the digital trend.

  • The pandemic caused a significant loss to Baqalas?

    • It has been a long duration as the lockdown persisted in many parts of the city. The stores have lost customers as no one is ready to buy food items from the shelves and cabinets.

  • Taking the grocery store business online?

    • It is one of the easiest ways to tackle the changes by offering home shopping experience to customers. Beneficial to both the parties, it helps in growing the business too. For the small grocery store that cannot afford an online business, the Groc app assists them in their needs.

  • How Groc App helps Baqalas to maintain their business online?

    • Groc mobile app is available to install and works on both iOS and Android platforms. It lists all the types of stores, whether big or small, every store is given equal respect. Delivery agents cover different areas and deliver products to customers as per their orders.

  • How does the Groc app work?

    • Groc app helps them reach the customers without paying a hefty amount of maintaining a website or app. We know that these stores cannot afford to spend more to get listed on Big E-commerce stores. Using the Groc app, they need to pay small fees for subscription and get a membership. This membership ensures that their business stays online, and the retailers earn well and grow their business.

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